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Relationship therapist
Corien Boers

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When you want to learn to love each other and yourself  again                

Change is absolutely possible

Welcome to my site! How great that you are looking into support for yourself or for your relationship. I know this is usually not an easy step. I sincerely hope that, even if you are in doubt, you will take the step to ask for support. Perhaps you recognize the following? You keep getting caught up in a pattern in which you lose each other and where the frustration mounts more and more. You just don't understand why your partner reacts this way. Why doesn't he of she seems to understand you? You love each other, but why is it all so difficult? It used to be so much more normal, nice, more easy... Recognizable? I'm going to help you so that you will develop more connection with yourself and with each other. I will explore together with you so that you will gain new, positive experiences and I'll give insight into what the pattern looks like between the both of you. As a result, you will succeed in having a better conversation with each other so that the sparkle and intimacy can return. If you are not quite sure yet whether you want to take the actual step? You can schedule introductory meeting in which we not only get to know each other but also experience your click with me. We make a problem analysis and an action plan.

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More than 500 couples preceded you

As of 2015 I have my own practice, more than 10 years experience in counseling families, parents and couples. More than 25 years I have given group- and individual therapy.

Hi, my name is Corien Boers and I am a relationship- and family therapist. My passion is to help people connect more lovingly with themselves and each other. I'd love to take you through how this developed that way, and how I developed in this way;

I started working in disability care and from there I started working in a youth psychiatric hospital. There I saw and experienced how terribly difficult it is for a parent to maintain a good parental bond while the child is taken care of and raised by others. This has put me in a dilemma: my drive to want to be meaningful, to get children on their feet again, on the one hand, but on the other hand I, and we as a team, were taking over the parental role and dismissed the parents in a way. I wanted to be the link, the support for both sides so that we could strenghten the so terribly important bond between parents and child. So I became a family therapist. That was a huge improvement!

However, I could not succeed, within the four walls of the current health care system, in shaping treatment in the way that, it should be for the family, accordinig to my opinion.  I was revolted by the limit to see a family only 6 times a year. If the problems were not over by then, I had to let them go regardlessly. I didn't want to compromise and thus I chose to follow my own path. I started specializing in couples therapy; killing two birds with one stone. Because; the best thing parents can give to a child is a happy loving relationship between them. And of course, the parents themselves benefit quite a bit from that too :-)

EFT Relationship therapist

I work mainly according to the EFT vision and method (Emotionally Focused Therapy). This is an loving and cordial way of working. I will help you out in discussing difficult issues; What do you actually express when you are emotionally aroused and what do you really mean by that? Are you able to really voice out what you truly feel in the heat of the moment? I will explore your attachment history, the role you have learned to take upon you in contact with others. And I will expose, in the here and now, what the pattern looks like between the both of you. By taking these steps together, you will succeed in talking about your own experiences more easily;  What is holding you back and how you would like things to be different? All this in order to be closer to yourself and closer together, in connection and as a loving team. Trusting each other and where you can be each other's safe haven and each others secure base. 

Couple's Embrace

Couples therapy

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If you miss your partner, miss the 'us' and would like to get your intimacy back and also wish to be able to manage to be together more as a team, read on here....

Couples therapy

EFT couples therapy was originally developed by Dr. Sue Johnson and is concerned with our desire to be able to bond with our partner. It is about longing to feel and know that our partner is there for us, and also to feel and know how to be there for our partner. EFT is about attachment, about feeling safe with your partner. About knowing that if something is wrong, you can reach out to your partner and your partner knows how to support and comfort you, just as you can be there for your partner. And that together, as a team, you know how to get the most from each other and yourself. In freedom and in emotional attuned connection.
EFT is for couples who get trapped in a pattern where you lose each other, where tensions rise and where you no longer feel heard and understood. At times these tensions can become very acute. If you want to discover how you get so at odds together, whereas you would so much want to be more close together and be able to understand each other, consider to getting over your possible defenses, and fill in the form to make an appointment.

I will work with you to figure out what you have come to dislike about each other and how you can get tools to turn this into a more positive, loving en connected relationship.
A consultation takes 75 minutes. For mild relationship problems, about ten conversations are needed. More complex patterns require at least twelve to fifteen conversations. If you have any doubts, feel free to contact me!

Individual therapy

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You may be stuck in yourself and/or in relationships with significant others. You just can't figure out what pattern you keep getting caught up in. Sometimes you need support in getting to know yourself......

Individual therapy

Are you getting stuck in your relationship(s) and have no idea what's causing it? Are you unable to create peace and connection in your relationship (s)?

Great that you took the step to seek support!

Together with you I"ll explore how you bond, the way you connect with others, your view of self, the thoughts and experiences you have which form you and lay a foundation for your actions. Often, after a few conversations, you really have a much better understanding and a more clear perspective.

Are you ready to take your first step into the new phase in your life? Feel free to contact me!



30 minutes

€ 50

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Couples therapy


75 minutes

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Individual therapy


1 hour


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