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Terms and Conditions

Praktijk Corien Boers / LerenLiefhebben


Algemene voorwaarden 2023/1

The general terms and conditions of practice Corien Boers, are no exception to common general terms and conditions and are therefore formulated in a fairly one-sided and black-and-white manner. In the event of a complaint or conflict, Corien Boers assumes that everyone accepts his or her own responsibility and acts from the point of view of respecting the sustainability of the relationships.

Start of the conversations

The first appointment is always an intake interview, which lasts 30 minutes. The actual treatment will not start in this conversation. This conversation includes an introduction, an analysis of the experienced problems and an inventory of both parties whether the treatment will be started. There are no costs associated with this conversation, unlike the treatment conversations that may follow.

Handle agreement

  1. If all parties involved, agree to enter into the treatment, a treatment agreement will be concluded with

    the client.

  2. This treatment agreement will be confirmed by the signature of all parties involved.

  3. In this treatment agreement it is stated that you agree with the following points:

Reporting on treatment

  1. Corien Boers reports per session on the content and progress of the therapy. This report is carefully

    kept by Corien Boers and is not available for inspection by third parties.

  2. Clients have the right to inspect the file, in accordance with the WGBO (Medical Treatment Agreement


  3. Corien Boers does not report to third parties under any circumstances, not during and not after the

    treatment. Not even at the request of clients themselves.

  4. The report will be written down in a notebook, which is doubly protected passwords.

  5. The report will be destroyed when the treatment has ended in its entirety. Unless the client requests

    earlier destruction.

  6. Names will not be written down in full in this report, but will be indicated by means of initials

Consultation with third parties

  1. In order to guarantee the quality of the treatments, Corien Boers participates, among other things, in

    intervision and supervision. Parts of treatments can be discussed here. However, when describing the

    situation, Corien Boers will only use first names and will under no circumstances mention last names.

    Colleagues who participate in the intervision and/or supervision are, like Corien Boers, bound by a

    professional code and therefore have a duty of confidentiality, just like Corien Boers.

  2. In the event of a situation that threatens the health and/or well-being of the client and/or others, Corien

    Boers may choose to consult with third parties. The client's prior written consent is requested for this,

    unless the health and/or safety of the client and/or others seems to be at stake in such an acute way

    that the situation necessitates consultation without this prior consent. Corien Boers invokes her

    responsibility for identifying, discussing and acting accordingly.


  1. It is possible that Corien Boers asks clients for their permission to make an audiovisual recording for the

    purpose of intervision and/or supervision with colleagues. Due to the content, the visual material is the

    property of the client, but the client gives Corien Boers permission to borrow it for the

    relevant intervision and/or supervision.

  2. In some cases, Corien Boers may ask clients to use (parts of) their recordings for lectures, information

    or training to/from third parties. These recordings remain the property of Corien Boers, as a therapist,

    and will never be loaned or published. These recordings will not be destroyed after treatment

    has ended.The recordings are not made for treatment, diagnosis or prognosis and are not part of the

    clinical reporting. No copies will be made and recordings will not be passed on to third parties. If you

    give permission for the making and use of recordings for training purposes, a separate permission form

    will be signed.

  3. Clients have the right not to give this consent or to withdraw previously given consent at any time. In the latter case, the recordings already made will be destroyed. This will not affect the treatment.

Duration of the conversations

  1. Couple conversations last 75 minutes, unless a different duration has been agreed in advance.

Cost of the treatment

  1. The cost of a conversation is €120.00 per hour. The costs are calculated over the direct contact time. The preparation time and the time for reporting are not included and no costs will be charged for this.

Data retention

  1. Address and invoice data are stored for a period of 5 years due to tax rules. This data is

    stored digitally and is secured in line with the law agreements. After 5 years, all this data will be

    deleted in accordance with the applicable guidelines.

Professional codes + complaints procedure

  1. Corien Boers is bound by the professional codes of the Dutch Association for Relationship and Family

    Therapy (NVRG). For more information on this please see the website below;

  2. Praktijk Corien Boers is affiliated with the complaints regulations of this professional association at

    P3NL via the NVRG. Information about this can be obtained from Corien Boers. Or at the website;


  1. Payment is made by sending an invoice by e-mail. At the start of treatment, clients sign agreement via

    the treatment agreement for the monthly transfer of the amount owed by them.

  2. Payment must be made within 30 days after sending the invoice

  3. If payment is not made on time, a free payment reminder will follow for payment within seven days. For

    each subsequent payment reminder, with a payment term of five days, € 33.00 will be charged per

    reminder. These amounts are cumulative.

  4. Payment is made according to services rendered and not according to results.


  1. No cancellation costs apply up to 48 hours before the start of the conversation. If an appointment is

    canceled within 48 hours before the start of the meeting, 100% will be charged. The above applies to

    working days. Weekend and public holidays are not included. The reason for cancellation (including

    force majeure) does not play a role in the cancellation policy.

Stopping the treatment

  1. Everyone involved is free to stop the treatment and follow-up conversations at any time. If Corien Boers

    initiates the ending of the treatment, she will inform the clients concerned of the reasons.

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